Alchemy V3 30 Plus


    Alchemy V3-30 Plus model comes with all past features as standards and it goes even better! New shape fits C4-300 and C4-400 footpockets and the angle changed into radius of 30 degrees (V3 model has 23 degrees sharp corner angle). New shape and angle offer more leverage and combined with the extra 3 degrees the footpockets offer, total angle goes to the effective of 33 degrees. This change offers an “early start” of the blade’s working spectrum and makes the blade feel softer than it really is and works like. “Plus” model offers 10cm more length than the original V3-30 model. We kept the extraordinary mirror finish on the blades’ front side and matte finish on the back. There are also five (5) years of written warranty from the day of manufacturing on the carbon part of your V3-30 Plus blades ensuring the best working way as the day you first ever tried them! Serial number tag is now embedded into the blade’s lamination ensuring the authenticity of your genuine alchemy product along with a hologram tamper-proof individually numbered tag on your warranty certificate document!

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